Recycle Service Facility (RSF)

This option is for anyone wanting to place a custom order for their very own hand made PSYKLZ Recycled Fairy Dress.

Each month there will be a limit of available places for these orders based on my ability to make. There will be a small availability for these designs listed on the website on the 1st of the every month when more places become available.

Once you have gone thru with purchase thru the listing item either screenshot the form on this item or on go thru to our Instagram Highlights 'CUSTOM' and fill out the relevant forms and send it completed with all relevant details about sizing, colours etc thru to our DM at @psyklz_clubsport

PSYKLZ has always had a focus on custom one-off design for it’s cliental and is a fractal of the business that is ready for expansion. There will be two ways of requesting a custom design of which will be expressed as following:


Select [SUPPLY] - this option is if you would like to supply any fabrics that you would like to either make up or add to your chosen design. Ideally, this is old t-shirts or jumpers or any fabrics that are of a stretchy nature. If you choose the [SUPPLY] option a proportional amount will be taken into account when sending out the final invoice for payment. 

Select [DEMAND] - this option is if you have no fabrics to supply and [DEMAND] to use the fabrics/colours/tones that I have on hand in my studio. Exactly what will be used will be discussed between us as we process the order. Using fabrics from the stock at hand will ensure a full price invoice delivered to your email for payment.


There is 2-4 week turnaround once your order and all details have been finalised paid for and finalised so please allow for this timeframe when considering your order.


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